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Dental Cleanings & Preventive Services

Preventive dentistry is the cornerstone of every healthy smile! At Magna Dental Care, we take prevention seriously because you only get one smile.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

At each dental exam, our dentists examine your teeth, gums, bite, and jaw to look for any potential problems. Your routine dental care is one of the best ways to prevent serious dental conditions in the future.

We also perform an oral cancer screening, looking for any suspicious lesions that could indicate the early signs of cancer. Since dentists are often the only health professionals taking a close look inside your mouth, they are frequently the first to identify pre-cancerous lesions. Early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer can save your life. 

Professional Dental Cleanings

Even if you are diligent about brushing and flossing and use proper techniques to remove plaque from your teeth, you still cannot reach every nook and cranny in your mouth. Places between your teeth and just below your gum line may build plaque that eventually hardens into tartar. Tartar can create a harbor for bacteria and irritate your delicate gum tissue, causing an infection known as periodontal (gum) disease.

Our hygiene team is professional, gentle, and highly skilled in providing our patients with dental cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy and promote fresh breath.

Each dental cleaning is unique and designed to help you where you need it most. Our hygienists can share ideas and resources that assist you with effective home care so you can enjoy a healthy, happy smile.

Fluoride Treatments for Adults and Kids

Acidic foods and drinks soften enamel and can cause decay. Fluoride treatments help strengthen the protective enamel that covers your teeth.

When most people think of fluoride treatments, they think of kids. While it is true that kids are the ones who most often have fluoride treatments, many adults can benefit from it as well.

If you have reduced dexterity due to arthritis, teeth particularly prone to decay, gum recession, or sensitive teeth, you may find that fluoride treatments help, no matter how old you are!

Protective Dental Sealants

Dental sealants create a barrier that keeps food particles and bacteria from entering the deep grooves of your teeth. They are easy to apply. We simply brush them into the crevasses of your back teeth – no anesthesia necessary! You cannot see them, and they often last for several years. At a fraction of the cost of fillings, they are a great investment in your oral health.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Playing sports can put your smile at risk. Games involving balls, sticks, hands, bats, or intense physical contact can destroy your smile at any time. A protective custom mouth guard helps to absorb force while you play. We make them in our office, and they fit better than any over-the-counter options out there.

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If it is time for your next preventive dental appointment, contact our Jersey City dental office. We look forward to meeting you.

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