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Sedation Dentistry

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Most healthy patients will not have a problem being a good candidate for sedation dentistry. We will take a full medical history and review your medications to rule out any interactions so your experience can be both safe and relaxing!

Patients who have dental anxiety or fear about visiting the dental office truly appreciate sedation dentistry! We understand that many people fear dental treatment and have a hard time relaxing when receiving work. Sedation dentistry eliminates your anxiety so you can have the treatment you need to stay healthy.

Sedation dentistry also works great for patients who have a strong gag reflex. If you feel like gagging when you have dental cleaning or dental work, you might end up avoiding the dentist and ending up with more serious issues that put your oral health at risk. Sedation dentistry calms the gag reflex, making treatment easier and safer for you.

If you have difficulty getting numb, sedation dentistry can calm your nerves so that the anesthetic is more effective. Adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) make it more difficult to get fully numb. By addressing the stress, we can ensure you don’t feel any pain during treatment.

Patients who have long appointments with significant amounts of treatment also benefit from sedation dentistry. For most patients, they would rather be just about anywhere other than the dentist! Patients report that their appointments fly by when they are under sedation, and many of them sleep right through.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Once we determine you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry, we will schedule an appointment for you and make sure we have the appropriate dose of prescription medication on hand. We will administer the medication when you come to our office and allow plenty of time for it to take effect.

Once you are completely relaxed, we will continuously monitor your vital signs throughout your treatment. 

As your appointment progresses, you will still be conscious but will feel very dreamy. Many patients doze off until we wake them at the end of their appointment. Patients report loving the fact that their appointments seem to fly by and they have little or no memory of the actual procedure.

Sedation Dentistry Aftercare

Since you will be on medication that causes impairment in reflexes and judgment, it is essential that you have someone to drive you home. Plan on relaxing for the rest of the day. By the time you wake up the next morning, you should feel like yourself again.

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