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The latest dental technology plays a big role in our Jersey City dental practice.

We believe in making treatment easier and more effective for our patients whenever possible. Our investment in technology is an investment in YOU. Here are some of the ways we improve your care using modern dental technology.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry makes soft tissue surgeries more precise, effective, painless, and faster healing for our patients.

If you are facing periodontal surgery, dental lasers could give you the best results. Concentrated light energy replaces the traditional cutting and stitching gum surgeries of the past. Dental lasers also make it easier to restore your teeth with crowns and veneers because we can prep your tooth for treatment without bleeding.

ViziLite Plus and MicroLux

Early detection of oral cancer cells is important because it can actually increase your chances of survival. Using high-tech lighting, abnormal cells appear under ViziLite that are not visible with the naked eye. 

Secure Technology

Digital charts with encryption provide an additional layer of security when protecting your personal information. Your information is safely locked away and backed up regularly, making it extra safe.

Intraoral Camera

High-quality images of your teeth help us diagnose and treat you more effectively. Most patients do not know how to read decay or cracked teeth on a dental x-ray. With an intraoral camera, we can take images of individual teeth or specific areas inside your mouth and show them to you so that you fully understand your conditions and treatment options.


If some areas of your gums have particularly serious periodontal infections, we can use Arestin, a site-specific antibiotic treatment that assists in healing your gum tissue and eliminating the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Stem Save

Stem Save is a procedure that preserves your child's stem cells from their primary teeth in order to treat future medical conditions. This is an excellent way to take a proactive approach with your child's health.


We eliminated the need for the chemicals used in traditional dental x-rays, which is better for the environment. We take the health of our planet seriously and incorporate green business practices to protect the home we all share.

Digital Dental X-Rays

The high-resolution images we capture using digital dental x-rays are far superior to the film x-rays of the past. Digital dental x-rays allow us to make earlier diagnoses and protect your health by emitting 90 percent less radiation.

Transillumination and Fiberoptics

Transillumination and fiberoptics allow us to effectively look at small areas, providing us with the necessary diagnostic information so we can provide you with the best care.

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